What’s for Breakfast?

What’s for Breakfast?

Cereal and milk, not again! Why not try something new? something different to awaken your taste buds and to allow your baby to explore as many new flavours as possible! Whether you prefer cereal type meals to start your day or muffins or pancakes, there is something different and something new for everyone and here is one of our choices today!

Apple and Cinnamon pancakes

Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes

You really cannot go wrong with these delicious and nutritious pancakes! Home-made, very easy to prepare, flavoursome and versatile. The cinnamon adds a kick and allows you to avoid added sugar, sultanas (optional) if you prefer to sweeten them up just a bit and the apple adds even more flavour and more nutrition. What’s even better is that these pancakes are egg-free so perfect for those who have egg allergies. 


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